Friday, May 9, 2008

Day Seven or something - Baby Chicks

I'm tired today. Why? Well, certain little individuals believe that I need to wake up at 5 am, instead of the normal 6 am that I wake up at. Not getting my normal sleep is not fun. And certainly not fun for anybody that has to be around me ;) Combine little sleep and having to do this and that all day, plus try to get things done of my own? Woo hoo ... :) Kidding. I'm a new momma and I am constantly called on - what's new?

I was told just last night that my brother wants me to put in his new parking light on the '67 Impala that he and I are restoring. Then my mom says, "No. We are working on the stairs for the deck." Side note: Our deck stairs broke in half at the bottom, needless to say I was the one nearly plummeted a couple feet to the ground. These were the stairs my dad built a looonnnggg time ago, so now they need replacing and my mom and I are re-building new ones. Anyhoo, I told them both, "It's good to know that I have say in what I am doing tomorrow." :D

I'm tired and can't think, where was I? Oh yeh. So ... I said that yesterday I would tell of the new game that the chickens have learned and enjoy.

You can hear me suck in my breath. Why? They discover a nice little wound (god knows where I got it) from the back of my wrist. Chickens are drawn to peck at red/blood. They see an interesting spot on my hand/wrist and they feel that they need to peck it. Granted, Lily, could hurt worse, but imagine poking a needle into an open wound. That would be what I felt while filming :p

And yes, the little chirping you hear I hear right now as I am sitting in the living room. I hear that 24/7. Turn up the volume on the computer and make it ear-splitting almost. [laughing] Now you know what I am used to :) They get louder as they get older. That is their happy chirping. You want hear what they sound like when they want mommas attention? Well, let's ust say it is much more louder and ear-splitting. Though, that is usually only one of the bantams when everyone else is napping that does that sound. However, this morning, Amara decided that she needed my attention and was screaming her little head off. When the bantams scream it's loud, but the New Hampshires are quite loud when they want be.

As if you couldn't get enough, here is another. They think that they need help me with filming so you can see them pick on the camera strap as well as the cap that goes on the lense to the camera.

I said yesterday I would talk about their setup. So let's discuss the setup ...

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