Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh the fun it is - She's gone.

As I was just now making my snack to eat I looked out over Lily's pen and a deep sadness overtook me. A tear wanted slide down my cheek, but of course, I wouldn't let it.


Lily a.k.a Lilith - Queen of the Underworld, passed away yesterday morning.

Oh, and there is that tear threatening again.

I am not sure what happened to her. I watched her first thing in the morning, eating from her food bowl, then choosing to lie down next to it in a little hole that she dug herself. (The way that chickens keep themselves cool in the summer is to dig little holes to lay in and they will stay cool.)

All I know is that at 11 am when I went outside to let her out of her pen - remember she's getting along with the dogs, so I allow her to run around with them every day in the yard now - I saw her lying there. It wasn't until I called her Lilybug a few times with no response that I realized - as I got closer - that she was dead. Happy early bday gift to me - my bday is the 15th of Aug.

Normally, as soon as Lily hears my voice, [blinking back tears] she would come running. She even had learned to walk up the stairs on the back porch to follow me and try to meet me sooner than having to wait until I got to the bottom of the stairs.

As you've seen on the video I had on the most previous post, she was beginning to truly become sweet and open. She was just like another dog. She was just about to turn 2 1/2 or so. I already miss her very much. [takes a long moment]


I miss her and want her back. I know it seems weird to invest so much in a chicken, but anyone that has ever owned a pet, dog would understand. She was affectionate, sweet, attitude of course! I just miss her so much ... [wiping away some tears] I'm not sure how I'm going to find someone to replace her, but I would like another chicken or two. I can't explain how sweet and just ... good ... it is to have a chicken. They are just as affectionate as any other dog or cat you could have. They are a bird and they know how to love. They know how to show it. They have their favorites. They have their moments as with any pet. They CAN be trained. They are not just some ... thing. I don't know how to say it any better than the way I would say it like my other pets. She was my friend and baby.

And now I have a pen that stares at me quietly outside. Empty.