Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day Three thru Six - Baby Chicks

Went out today to clean Lily's house. Went round the yard to gather some slugs, random weeds to rip up into little bits, as well as grass, into a bowl. As you can see. I garnered my little hello from her. Can't really see it as well right now, but yes, at least once a day she decides just for the hell of it, to nip at me and then ...

I end up with a nice little mark to show for it. Sometimes my wrist, sometimes my hand, as you can see. But always something :) Yes, it's her way of giving attention. She is a female after all. She has her moments. If you scratch her neck, she'll purr like a kitten. Okay, maybe not literally purr, but her eyes close and she loves it. Other times? Look at the picture again.

The thing is? I don't actually feel it. And hell, I've been bitten by all my animals, scratched, you name it. I am constantly rough housing (I know you're not supposed to, but like I care?) with my dogs and I've gotten some pretty horrible marks all over my arms from Sabrina (my Australian Shepherd). Trust me, there is a reason why she has proven her worth at teachign her to kill on command. She can inflict some serious damage when she wants. And yet I still rough house :)

But, unless you are really sensitive, I don't think most of the time you'd even know Lily hurt you until you see the mark. Though I know for sure that if she wanted to, she could really hurt you, but because the marks aren't as bad, I know she isn't trying to hurt. Only make a point. If you want take a stab at what that is, go right ahead ...

For some updates. I've since learned how I had to change the food bowl because they would not stop kickng the food out. Grr ...

Same idea as the water bowl. I was also able to take down the middle barrier since they can't kick stuff around anymore.

Works pretty well. They tried to kick the food out and around, but no luck. They kept slipping and finally realized that they can't do it. The bantams enjoy getting one foot in and one foot and out can get some food kicked out and around, but not too much. And it cannot fly all over the place thankfully :)

Had another problem arise two days ago. When I went to turn on the heat lamp, it popped and that was the end of the bulb. Now seeing as how I don't have the money to replace it I needless to say had a moment ... S***! I turned on my Sun Glo light bulb that I was using to start some tomato plants in my room and placed it over the aquarium. I still had the night heat lamp, but I knew that it wouldn't give off as much heat as the other bulb did. But, I knew that the temp was warm from the Sun Glo bulb. It worked. I can regulate the temp by having a towel placed over the top and move it to open more air, or less, to adjust the temp.

Not to mention, I have them in my bedroom. Where else could I have them? No place else. I have them on my dresser - you can see in the pics below with my cat, that I had to move my Tiger face that my brother gave me off the dresser, so that they could fit on the dresser under the window. But anyhoo, they are in my bedroom. My bedroom with the heater on, window closed, door closed, heater vent open, gets HOT! I usually have to have my window cracked, heater vent closed, door open, then it stays a steady 60 degrees which I like. And yes, even in the winter I prefer the window cracked open. Aaahhhh ...

I've since named the New Hampshire Reds

If you can't read it correctly.

Amara is the one on the right. It was also a wolf name and anyone that knows me knows how much I love wolves. Her names stands for 'Immortal' and she is the dark.

Haley is the one on the left. Her name stands for 'Heroine' and she is the light.

Don't mind what they are laying on. It's a digital thermometer. They don't bother it and it's one of two that help me keep track of the temp of where they lay. They are laying atop the heating pad which also has another baby diaper (the old cloth type) on top of it, under them. I have another thermometer (was used for the gecko my brother used to have) in the upper center of the cage to tell me the overall ambient temp.

Posing for the camera.

Helping me clean the cage are my helpers. My Amber (pom mix) and my mom's Shih Tzu Chewbacca (black one). He is such a little boy.


Now why was my door open! What did I find?

Can't see correctly? Let me get you closer.

Now can you see?

Such a gorgeous little face. Haley.

Enjoying being a ham - Amara.



Developing a brown color along it's beak.
Now how do I keep them? And what new thing have they learned that is so much fun? Involves my hands ...


Wow, that was awkward said...

I was out at a restaurant-bar tonight browsing the apps. I don't see any fingers on your chickens and now I'm really confused. Please explain.

bgwa2y said...

[laughing] Stop that. I'm not even answering that. [storms off]